Drowning in administration? Let us throw you a lifeline!

No matter whether you are a sole trader or work within a larger organisation, time is not your friend. Add up how much you expend each day on paperwork, planning, emailing, booking, sourcing, implementing, organising, and researching - administrative tasks that take you or your team away from far more business-critical endeavours – then consider how you could utilise this time better if you didn’t have to do them.

Affinity Admin is a dedicated outsourced administration resource for businesses, big and small, to use for short-term support or as a remote or in-house team member to handle all the efficiency driving, best practice implementation, supplier sourcing, customer emailing, invoice processing, office management and travel planning tasks you may need doing. Essentially, we work as your executive assistant for any and all things that allow you to expand your capacity without increasing your headcount.

To find out more, or to discuss your organisation’s specific requirements, contact us today on 07527 817748 or email help@affinityadmin.co.uk.